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Batteries: Products

AGM (Sealed Lead-Acid)

Economy Battery Solution

Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are sealed and do not require watering or ventilation like regular flooded lead-acid batteries. AGM batteries do not bring as high of a price tag a lithium batteries and are still a low maintenance battery.


Lithium Batteries

Premium Option

LiFePO4 batteries are a top of the line battery technology great for back-up or off-grid applications. Lithium batteries are efficient, safe, and durable. They bring a higher price tag but have longer warranties and a higher depth-of-discharge.

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Sonnen-batterie, Preferred Partner

Stay powered with sonnen — the smartest and safest battery technology day and night, even during grid outages.

sonnen’s proven energy storage solutions bottle up the sun to power your home with clean energy when you need it — day and night. Adding sonnen to your home also keeps the power on through unexpected power outages, giving you resiliency and greater energy independence.

We have several manufacturers to choose from, Sonnen, SimpliPhi, Discovery, Iron Edison, Fullriver, Outback Power, and more.

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